Get-Go Products

When Get-Go products are used “Right from the Get-Go” in colostrum and every subsequent milk feed,
the infant gets the start that Nature intended.

Get-Go provides your calf the support it needs to start life, grow well and become a great functioning adult.  

Get-Go FM

Get-Go FM formulated product is like Rocket Fuel. Colostrum is high in fat, protein and antibodies and is nature's perfect food for the newborn.  Get-Go FM sets up the microbiome, immediately setting the stage for outstanding calves.

ATR Thrive's patent pending Get-Go FM formula is specifically designed to enhance the digestion of colostrum, first milk and transition milk.

Colostrum provides nutrients, hormones, growth factors, and essential immunity agents for the newborn calf. Early feeding of quality colostrum is essential for the calf’s health and its productive future.

Get-Go FM should be administered for the first two feeds followed by one of ATR Thrive's uniquely designed formulas in all subsequent feeds.

FM Product label
NM plus product label

Get-Go NM+

Get-Go NM + is normal milk from the same species as the animal being fed that milk. The baby animal is fed raw milk from the mother’s species. A calf is fed cow’s milk, a kid receives goat’s milk, and a lamb receives ewe’s milk etc.

ATR Thrive's patent pending Get-Go NM+ formula is specifically designed to enhance the digestion of natural and pasteurized natural milk.

Natural Milk is relatively unique to each species. When harvested and fed to calves for example, that calf should naturally be able to digest this milk. Effective digestion could however still be a challenge. This depends on the vigor and health of the calf, and also on the quality and characteristics of the milk.

Get-Go NM+ is formulated for Cow, Goat, and Sheep applications.  Get-Go product is formulated to address the specific challenges and characteristics to enable effective digestion of natural and pasteurized natural milk. 

Get-Go MR+

Get-Go MR+ is designed to treat a wide range of reconstituted milk replacers and distressed milk not suitable for the bulk tank. Milk replacers are formulated products and offer challenges to the digestive system of young ruminants.

ATR Thrive's patent pending Get-Go MR+ formula is specifically designed to enhance the digestion of milk replacer and distressed milk.

Challenging ingredients are: sweet whey, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, soy protein concentrate, soy isolate, blood plasma, pea protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein, corn products, as well as animal byproducts such as tallow and lard.

While none of these ingredients are perfect replacements for milk ingredients, both research and experience have shown that replacing a portion of milk ingredients with non-milk ingredients can substantially lower the cost of milk replacer.

MR plus product label
Revive Product label


Livestock farming poses challenges and situations that we can’t always predict. There are times when stress is overwhelming,  such as a bacteria or virus sometimes aided by inclement weather, lack of sanitation in the raising environment, or a breakdown in the system. If signs of maldigestion become apparent, then Get-Go Revive offers a first line of defense.

Get-Go Revive provides an immediate boost to the animal by aiding digestion which releases energy and nutrients, and provides a  re-balancing of the animal’s system.  Revive is not a medicine, it is a functional element that aids digestion and the microbiome.

A common practice of making grain available to very young calves often causes digestive stress.  It is a practice that we strongly discourage, suggesting instead to integrate grain slowly into the diet when closer to weaning. Your calf becomes prepared for grain from 6 weeks of age and will do better on hay than grain in those early weeks. Calves receiving Get-Go have strong appetites, if they are not fed enough milk they may gorge on the grain, this can cause acidosis, it will not be digested in the abomasum.  Our recommendation is to satiate the calf with liquid feed up until 6 weeks of age, then transition slowly to other feed options.

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