Science based, nature inspired solutions for infant animal nutrition to help your animals get a great start in life.

Our Get-Go products work with natural milk, transition milk and milk replacers to prevent scours and give every infant calf, piglet, goat kid and foal the best chance for a healthy start, right from the get go!

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Infant animals need all the help they can get, every time they feed. When milk goes undigested or only partially digested, any animal will have problems including lack of nutrition and even scours. 

The Get-Go family of products are focused on helping infant animals get all the nutrients they need. By focusing on natural digestion, and developed specifically to help digestion of milk and milk products, we have found solutions to help nearly any animal get the best nutritional start in life.

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The Get-Go family of products are different from the normal industry practice of limiting milk and milk products when animals face digestion problems. We believe nature provides the best template for an infant animal's survival and success. Utilizing advanced research and years of farm and dairy experience, Get-Go products have been carefully designed to help every infant animal get a great start in life!

By enabling complete digestion, Get-Go helps improve vigor and health in very young animals, can reduce nutritional scours, minimize treatments and intervention, and help increase survival rates.

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When you choose Get-Go for your animals, you are choosing life. Giving an infant calf, foal, piglet, and goat kid the best chance at survival starts with the best ingredients and best animal nutrition.

We believe complete nutrition and digestion is the best and most natural way to give infant animals what they need. With solutions for nearly every situation and milk product used in rearing, the Get-Go family of products are the answer to keeping your animals healthy, saving lives and money in your operation.

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What our customers are saying

The calves given Get-Go from birth, had all fed from the feeder overnight without my help, immediately after transferring. They were strong, hungry and figured it out. I was completely shocked by this result. I couldn’t believe how easy this process became and how healthy and intelligent the calves were.

-Jamie, Florida

"I shipped 120 bull calves to raise. The calves were scouring badly not feeding very well and I was worried. I tried the Get-Go MR in the Milk Replacer and used the Revive product on the sick calves. The next morning, I was dreading going into the barn. When I got inside the whole barn looked like a completely different picture. Calves were hungry and moving around. The scours stopped and we were able to turn the situation around.  All I can say is 'It was like a miracle.'"

– Jimmy, Illinois

I have raised calves all my life and thought I knew all the latest and best calf-raising techniques; until this past winter when Jo Gaul introduced me to Neville McNaughton with a new concept on milk digestion—Get-Go. When I heard about the concept, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

We started adding Get-Go to the milk and within two days we saw a very dramatic difference. These calves were very hungry, had more energy, and were just plain aggressive! Now, seven months later, I can still tell these calves are different—bigger and hungrier.

- Samuel Fisher, Byron


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