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Research and extension have proven that well-reared and well-fed infant animals capture the opportunity to become better performing juveniles and adults.

Good For Business!

Get-Go products are designed to achieve full digestion, and can assist with eliminating nutritional scours, which enables these infants to THRIVE, instead of just grow.  

This is the best resistance to the many ailments and challenges of a growing animal.   

Helps to Eliminate Nutritional Scours

The Get-Go formulas are specifically designed to aid the digestion of each of the different types of milk fed to infant animals.

Supports Increased Growth and Earlier Weaning Weights

Animals have a better opportunity to grow and thrive.

Assists with Improved Energy and Vigor

Get-Go helps calves to have an increased appetite, more energy, and enthusiasm to drink.

Helps to Reduce Morbidity and Mortality

Get-Go aids in the reduction of morbidity and proneness to ailments.

Aids in Improving Appetite

Enthusiastic feeding and appetite make it easier for staff to feed and manage animals.

Contributes to Staff Satisfaction

Less frustration for staff, leading to better staff performance and care for calves, and probably better staff retention

Helps to Reduce Interventions

Get-Go can help minimize re-occurring and more expensive medical intervention.

Supports Better Transitions

Transitions such as starting on meal or forage, weaning, or moving from individual hutches to group management are better supported. 

Helps to Improve Resilience

Supports tolerance and recovery from trauma such as trucking, dehorning, vaccinations, extreme weather and other issues.

Two goat kids in a farmyard

Higher Profits are Possible!

By helping to reduce morbidity, treatments and mortality, and freeing up staff time, using Get-Go may result in higher profit!

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