Nutrition from Birth for Calf Success

by Jo Gaul, ATR Thrive Calf Consultant

Providing a newborn calf with adequate colostrum within 12 hours of birth is vital. During this time the calf can absorb colostrum and be programed for nutrition and immunity with life time benefits. But the window for these benefits closes so fast.  Can we keep up?

Studies show better survival, vigor, health and growth rate when calves are fed enough good quality colostrum within 12 hours of birth.

All functioning systems required to sustain life, develop within the first 72 hours.

Colostrum is highly nutritious and rich in antibodies. This supply of immunological cells and numerous bioactive compounds are available instantly and continues for up to 72 hours, to ensure the survival of the newborn and its best possible start to life.

Transfer of immunity is completed, beneficial microbials populate the intestine for digestion and immune function, rapid epithelia cell growth of the intestine takes place, organs develop and systems to aid recovery of intestinal damage are established.

Get-Go® FM improves the digestion of colostrum for the calf during these 72 hours of rapid systemic growth - making the calf stronger, sooner.

The calf’s future depends heavily on you!  With Get-Go® FM, you can keep up.

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